Wuni Family (Ghana)

Isaac Issah Wuni and his wife Grace Azara Wuni live in Tamale, Ghana. Tamale is about four hundred and fifty miles north of Accra the capital. The northern part of Ghana has two seasons in the year – rainy season and dry season. Inhabitants are mostly peasant farmers who farm to cater for themselves. It is also an economically deprived area. Even though there are some African Traditional Religion adherents, Islam dominates the area. 

Isaac and Grace are parents of a minimum of fifteen children who live in their home. Some are foster children, while others come to stay for a short time to write their exams and go. Through this they are able to evangelise the Muslim children who come to live with them. However they have two biological children out of the lot – Zechariah (19) and Erika (16). Zechariah is in his fourth year Senior High School while Erika is waiting to enter first year Senior High School in September 2011, God willing. Grace has been out of job for three years now as a result of the motor accident she had in 2007 when she broke her leg. Their need at present is for her to have some finances to help her establish her own business.

Contact the Wuni Family

Rev. Isaac I. Wuni
Senior Pastor
Koinonia Baptist Church, Tamale
Northern Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary, Tamale
P.O.Box 78, Tamale, Ghana
E-mail: iigwuni@yahoo.com

Rev. Mrs Grace A. Wuni
Minister in charge of Children
Koinonia Baptist Church, Tamale
E-mail: wgraceazara@yahoo.com