Sunday School

We love welcoming kids at church -

We want you to feel really welcome to come as a family with children, we know that church can sometimes feel daunting, especially with young children, but all are welcome.

We believe Sunday school work is vital, and are wholly committed to teaching children the timeless truths about the Lord Jesus Christ from God’s Word, the Bible to equip them to meet the challenges of todays society.


You are free to make use of our classes should you wish, or keep your child/ren with you in the service, whichever you prefer.

There are Sunday School classes held during every Sunday morning service (with the exceptions of Family Services), all children are welcome to come along whether you are regular attendees or are just visiting.

We currently have 3 groups available:

Creche: Ages 0-3

Primaries/Juniors: Ages 4-10 (Up to the end of school year 5)

Juniors/Young Teens: Ages 10-16 (Up to the end of school year 11)

All families start off by sitting together in church, we usually have a simple talk, prayer, and sing some songs before the children will be dismissed for their classes. We use Go Teach materials, and our lessons will usually involve listening to a bible story, a game/craft/activity (Age dependant) followed by completing the Go Teach worksheets.

Each week the children receive points for attendance, bringing their Bible and knowing the memory verse. Accumulation of these points results in small treats.


Other Activities:

We run an Impact club, which is a fun, activity centred session, once a month on a Friday evening 5.30pm - 7pm for ages 5-11. For futher details on venues and dates please use the contact details below.

We also run various events throughout the year including a Sunday School Outing, a church weekend Away and other activities around key events in the Christian calendar. Details of which will be shown below as and when events are happening.

The youth work at Koinonia is overseen by Susan Keogh, should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact her:

Email Address:

Mobile: 07802 322048