And so, to another year with God leading us, watching over us and loving us, we do recognise that He is Almighty and He holds each day of this year in His hands. For some, last year was one of the worst they have been through; for me 2019 was the worst year of my life (followed by 2013) but thank God that after the storm the rainbow will come. Thank you, our Heavenly Father.

This prayer List will now be compiled just once a fortnight.
As it's a New Year and Open Doors 'World Watch list’ is changed. I will once again start at number one on the list.

• In 2020, a total of 2983 Christians were known to have been murdered because of their faith, 1 in 8 Christians around the world suffer persecution because of their faith.

• We start again with North Korea and Afghanistan.
We know how North Korea is by far the worst country; the most dangerous place in the world to follow Jesus. To me it seems hopeless; how can we possibly change things there? But we know we have a powerful and sovereign God. So, we must keep on praying and supporting our brothers and sisters in that less fortunate country.

• Afghanistan, again the second most dangerous place to be a Christian, they not only face danger from Islamic extremist groups, like the increasing threat from Taliban and the so-called Islamic State, but from their own family. And even worse, believers still are often killed by their own family.

• Pray that God would give those who are being persecuted courage, peace and joy. That they would shine for Jesus and please pray for protection for those folk who secretly help believers.

• Eileen and Barry wanted to thank the fellowship for all our prayers since she has been on this new cancer treatment. They have asked if we would continue to pray for them both as she will be on this treatment for a long time.

• For those of you who were not at the prayer meeting on Sunday evening, Diana's sister Pam, who I know a lot of us have been praying for, for a number of years, sadly died on Boxing Day. Diana was with her from Christmas Day untill she died, so please pray for Diana during this time. She has asked for prayer and for peace between families and that we will soon be over this virus.

• Pray for all in the fellowship who have lost loved ones; those still mourning and grieving. It can be and are very hard at times.

• As we enter another Lockdown please pray for those who live on their own, the single parents in our fellowship and those who are front line workers that God would surround them with love but also a hedge of thorns and pray that the vaccinations can be administered very fast (not good English, but you know what I mean lol).

• No new updates from Malawi, so just pray for the work there, for Syford, Elizabeth, Dennis, Sheila and for Edward and his wife.

• Sara was saying how much she has enjoyed the online services, bringing her a lot closer to her Heavenly Father. She has also asked if we would pray for her friend's husband who went back into hospital on New Year’s Day, he is suffering from cancer and is very poorly.

• Mary has asked for prayer for her friend Joy and her husband that they would come to know Christ as their Saviour. Additionally, Joy's husband is in hospital and very poorly, therefore needs prayer at this time.

• Susan has asked us to pray for the Covid situation in the Basingstoke and Winchester hospitals, she says they are facing extremely challenging times at the moment with high volumes of very ill patients.

• Also, her sister’s friend Deasy as her brother James died on Thursday after being in hospital with Covid. Please pray for Deasy and that the family will feel God's love and presence during this very difficult time (they are Christians).

• Carol, another Christian friend of her sister's, has asked for prayer for her close friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer, and finally Susan asks if we will thank God that He has surrounded her sister with Christian friends and pray that He in His grace and mercy will work in her sister's heart.

• Can we continue to pray for Maria as she continues to get over Covid; she also asks if we pray for folk to stay indoors during this Lockdown to be sensible and take pressure off the NHS.

• Please keep Ali in your prayers who has now finished Radium treatment and also Ian for his health problems. John’s not been 100% recently so keep him in your prayers as well please.

• Vicki has given us an update on her friend Dawn whom we have been praying for when she had her cancer operation and the good news is that they successfully removed all of the cancer, although she will need to be monitored for the next 5 years. Thank you so much for praying. And give thanks to God.

• Denise had her pacemaker checked on Wednesday and she was told “all is good” so she has asked if we will thank God for that good news. It’s lovely when we hear of answered prayer or just God doing what He does.

• For folk who might be concerned about having the vaccine, from a totally Christian viewpoint there is a blog on from John Wyatt Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics who is also President of The Christian Medical Fellowship.
It is an interesting read he debunks some of the vaccine myths.

If any of you feel we should go back to a weekly Prayer List, please just let me know via email or text message and I shall do it.

Thank you all,



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