So, another lovely week weather wise; we have so much to praise and thank God for. Even me, when looking back over the last 7 years, the hurt, all the grieving, the crying, all the disappointments, yet we as Bible believing Christians have so much to look forward to, eternal life with Him, to be with those that have gone home before, whom we love, we’ve so, so much to be thankful for and so much to praise Him for and we need to pray to thank Him. There is a world of unbelievers, folks who will be lost for eternity, we as Gods children have to tell others of His amazing love.

• I know Hilary was trying to arrange Prayer Pods, so could we ask God to convict us to come together to pray, it would be fantastic to see men and women praying together as one, not just the women praying on their own as now.

• I would imagine some of the Church would be going away this month so could we pray for them for rest, recuperation, to be able to recharge their batteries and for journeying mercies. Even if away please could we all continue to pray for those on the Christianly Explored course and that The Holy Spirt would convict and lead people to Christ. Also, for Emily and Esther and that God would give them His wisdom as they lead the course. As I've said before, please pray particularly on Tuesday evening as the course takes place.

• Jacqui has asked if we could pray for a work colleagues son, who fell off a ladder from the top of his house and caught his arm on the ladder, snapped the bone in two places, he had an emergency operation where they put in 8 bolts and 2 plates, he will undergo another operation later this week, could we pray for his rapid healing and for the family.

• Malawi, for the churches at Carmel and Galilee, that Christ may be faithfully preached and that more and more folk will come to a living faith and grow in knowledge of Him. Pray as normal every week, for Syford, Elizabeth, Dennis and Sheila (why do I always want to say Sheila in an Australian accent).

• Susan has asked to if we could pray for all those involved in and affected by the violent incident that took place in her village this week, as they are a close-knit community it has caused deep sorrow and sadly a post script to this just found out that Susan’s sisters dear friend James who was shot on Wednesday has died, she has asked if we could specifically pray for his wife Sarah, and the rest of the family, also please pray for Susan’s sister and her two daughters who knew the man personally and, as you can imagine, are utterly devastated. Please, please let us lift up Susan to The Lord so she knows His total love, Also could we pray for her friend Mike, as his treatment for terminal cancer has been halted due to his declining heath; please, please pray that he will be able to resume treatment soon.

• We haven’t prayed for SASRA for a while so please pray for all the Readers especially Lee, that God would give them His words to say to the troops, and Jamie (area rep) that the position of pastor he was offered before lockdown would still be open to him. And for Andrew, when he takes over as an area rep. I heard yesterday that John Lewis would be preaching this Sunday so, as we always pray for our preacher could we please pray for John. For anyone who doesn’t know John, not only is he a friend to Koinonia but is Chairman of SASRA and MDSH (the charity Pat & I worked for 16 years).

• Denise has asked if we could please pray for her mother as her mobility has suddenly become worse than before.

• The persecuted Church this week is in the top four in the World Watch List, Afghanistan, believers here must keep their faith completely secret as it is a tribal society and loyalty to the clan, tribe and family is incredibly important if a believer is discovered they can be sent to a mental hospital, beaten and killed, additionally, believers in Somalia (if discovered) are killed on the spot and Libya, where the government claims that all Libyans are Muslims. Please pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer persecution.

• Carl has asked us to pray for the situation in Beirut, and please pray for Carl who is under the weather at the moment.

• Pray for Bas as he witnesses to his work colleagues and neighbours.

Once again thank you, it is a privilege to be able to bring your requests to our Father in Heaven.


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