Two countries this time are: Qatar and Colombia

• Qatar believers are mainly from the migrant workers, the rest are Christians who have converted from Islam foreign workers who are Christians are much freer to worship. For instance, the government has allowed large worship events. Even for these followers of Jesus, however, any evangelism to Muslims is strictly forbidden, and can lead to deportation.

• Qatari Christians from a Muslim background face much more significant persecution, particularly from their families. Both indigenous and migrant converts risk discrimination, harassment and police monitoring. Moreover, conversion from Islam to another faith is not officially recognised and is likely to lead to legal problems in personal status and property matters.
Violence against Christians is very rare in Qatar, probably because the number of converts is low and they keep their faith secret.

• Most Colombians are Christians but they still aren’t safe and persecution is getting worse.
Persecution is localised – and violent. Church leaders are threatened, harassed, extorted and even murdered because of the violence perpetrated by guerrillas and other criminal groups, especially in the country’s more remote areas. In most cases, this violence is the direct result of Christians denouncing corruption and violence, pursuing peace and justice and deterring young people from joining the gangs. This endangers the illegal activities of criminal groups and drug cartels.
In indigenous communities, persecution is rather different. There is significant opposition towards Christians who have converted from the beliefs of their indigenous tribe, and these believers can face imprisonment, physical abuse and the confiscation of property, among other forms of punishment.

• Please pray for those converts from Islam that He would protect them and fill them with peace and hope and peace and reconciliation among the among the armed groups in Colombia, and that the violence would stop.

• As we can now sing in our services just give God all the praise and thanks for bringing us safely through it (so far). After seeing all those young folks in the night clubs, I am praying we don’t go back to restrictions again. Some people are calling last Monday Freedom Day, I think as Christians we should have called it Responsibility Day when folk should be taking responsibility for all our actions, and as Christians we should be examples to the rest of the community.

• Continue to pray please for Malawi keeping Syford and Elizabeth in your prayers and the work there also Dennis and Sheila, pray they will be able to get out there this coming year. I am looking forward to hearing all their news when they come to speak to the fellowship and hopefully a new prayer letter as well.

• Paula and others have asked for prayers as we go forward as a church with the lockdown restrictions eased, asking God how we can best serve each other and the communities around the school so we can give them the chance to come to a knowledge of Jesus before it’s too late.

• Pray also for all our vulnerable brothers and sisters within the fellowship, as well as Eileen and Barry, Clare's cousin Katie, Vicki, Maria, and Diana.
• Please, please can we every day ask Him to show us if Michael is the person He wants for us, either long term or just in the short term, that God would clearly speak to Don and Michael.

• Vicki has asked us for prayer for her neighbours’ little baby Lars, he is now on dialysis but seems to have an infection and is vomiting. His parents Steve and Maisie are, as you can imagine, very worried, Lars is under 6 months old.

• Mary has asked me to thank everybody who has stood by her encouraging and helping her. Also thanks to that old man (that’s rude) helping her with the Bible study over the past few months.

• As folk go away for your holidays, please stay safe, have a brill time, relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries. I pray for traveling mercies for you all.

• This is the last Prayer List; it was only meant for a short period, yet here we are 16 months down the line, amazing. I would therefore like to thank everybody who has asked for a prayer request, and everybody who has used the list as a prayer prompt, To all our prayer warriors, a big “thank you”, it has truly been a privilege to serve you.
Don still would like me to be a focus for all your prayers so please if you have any requests for prayer send them to me and I will send them on to either and or Don, prayer groups and the House-group Coordinators, for folk who do not know my contact details are, 07981231674 and my land line is 01980259185.


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