Another week goes by and another prayer list, I really, truly hope everybody is well and had a good week, I’ve been thinking this week about folk who we haven't seen on our weekly Zoom meetings, I've been praying everybody is safe and well, I haven’t mentioned for a week or two but pray for people affected physically or mentally by all that has happened over the past 3 months.

• Could we continue praying for Don and Stan as they seek God reference the pastor’s position, this is really important for our Church, again, please pray. Again, just thank God for our Sunday school teachers, youth teachers, pray that one day God would bless us with our own building.

• Last week Emily asked me (I forgot Emily, so, so sorry) if I could ask folk to pray for children and teaching staff as they prepare to return to school please could you pray for them to have peace and discernment with the process and decisions to be made, Please pray for them all that God would keep them all safe and virus free, thinking of our little ones pray that those who know and love Jesus would grow in Him and that our youth would be good witness for Him throughout their teenage years and continue to grow as adults, Pray for those who maybe have gone away that the Holy Spirit would bring them back.

• For Christians being persecuted this week the countries are Algeria, Turkmenistan and Mali for believers from Muslim backgrounds who may be abused, even expelled by their families, girls/women are subjected to even worse abuse, please pray.

• This week Denise was on the phone to her friend who is 80 years old, her friend was relaying a story to her about finding something which she had lost of sentimental value in which she said “Thank you God” which gave Denise the opportunity to ask about her faith, she used to go to Church (traditional Anglican) and can’t find a church to suit her, Denise has asked us to pray that God would bless her and draw near to her, and that she would come to understand that it's Gods will we need to follow not our own. Then the joy will come.

• Some folk this week have just asked if we could praise and give thanks to our glorious God for all that He has done.

• For our friends in Malawi Syford, Elizabeth, Edward and for Dennis and Sheila, I have been thinking this week of all the people that have come to faith in Malawi, so many over the years, I've been praying that seed sown by them will have brought forth more souls to repentance.

• John has asked us to pray that he just doesn’t just live for the moment but has a deeper relationship with Him, and like us all that God would ripen the Fruit of The Spirit in him (a prayer which I pray every day for myself)

• Thank you loving God for who you are.

As this Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, ever since I was small on Whit Sunday always wanted to bring a birthday cake into Church with loads of candles on it and get the congregation to sing Happy Birthday, (maybe next year) if Don said OK. maybe not ha-ha.


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