• Sudan and Saudi Arabia are this week’s two countries we are praying for.

• Sudan has taken significant steps towards religious freedom in the last year including a commitment to end 30 years of Islamic law. However, Christians from Muslim backgrounds still face extreme persecution from their families and communities. Many still keep their faith secret for the safety of themselves and their family, but it is estimated out of a population of 43.5 million 2 million are Christians. Please thank God for answering decades of prayer from Sudanese Christians and us.

• In Saudi Arabia whether you are an expat or Saudi, as a Christian you can expect severe opposition, as the official law and religion is Islamic. Saudi Christians from Muslim backgrounds face enormous pressures, leaving Islam is one of the biggest sins a Muslim can commit, they can face death, women meanwhile face sexual abuse, divorce, forced marriage and house arrest. Pray God would protect, strengthen and guild those that are being persecuted and that in Saudi, women would be given greater equality and freedom.

• We have been praying for Clare’s cousin Katie, this week she found out she has cancer of the womb. Please pray that the medical teams will be able to deal with this but also pray she would come to know Christ as her Saviour. Pray also that God would give Tris and Clare opportunities to share their faith and their love for Christ. Clare has also asked for God to give them both wisdom to know how to support her and strength to keep her upheld before our Lord.

• Continue to pray for our friends serving God overseas including Syford, Elizabeth and Edward. I’ve no idea how the pandemic is affecting Malawi and God's people there - just pray please as God leads you.

• Pray also for Isaac and Grace, and for our other friends abroad.

• Myanmar and its people I presume must be top of our personal prayer list, sometimes I feel helpless, yet we know we have an awesome God who is in total control of everything.

• Diana has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her spine and knees which can be/is very painful for her. Pray our Almighty God would heal her and also pray for Barbara who is having problems with her hip and shoulders.

• In a few weeks’ time it will be 2 years since Tracy went Home. However, it's not only me who remembers Easter with sadness as there are other folk in Koinonia who also have lost loved ones around this time, so it would be brill if we could encourage these our brothers and sisters to let them know that we love them and are thinking of them.

• Also please pray for Dee, Hanna and the children as Hanna’s Dad died suddenly with a bleed on the brain.

• Maria has mentioned all those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic particularly thinking of Caroline who lost Natalie a year last Saturday; so many people, please pray.

• Maria has also asked us to pray for our Government as they lead us through the next steps out of lockdown and that we as a country would be sensible and considerate of each other.

• Where would we all be if it wasn’t for The Cross, the Resurrection, and Christ, I am reminded of Peter saying to Christ where would we go? you have the words of eternal life (John 6 : 68) and as it says in one of "Mercy Me” songs Let me introduce you grace, grace Gods amazing Grace, no matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter scars still the truth is the cross has made you flawless, No matter the hurt or how deep the wounds are, no matter the pain still the truth is the Cross has made you flawless(if only you repent turn to Christ & ask Him into your life).

• Pray for all in the Fellowship who are poorly or just under the weather/not a 100%. So please pray for Stan and Eleanor, Eileen and Barry, Maria, and Vicki (who is struggling at the moment). Vicki has given us an update on Trevor - he is out of ICU, and he still has a long way to go - so please keep them in your prayers.

• Ending this today we have sooo much to thank and praise God for, all our amazing blessings, we don’t want to bring God a shopping list, just to come to Him in reverence in awe, to feel His presence, to sit at His feet, giving Him all the praise and glory.

• I pray you will all have a very blessed Easter, thanks.


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