• We start as we normally do with the persecuted Church world-wide, this week it is Jordan, Tunisia and Kazakhstan but because things are really bad in North Korea, could we leave Kazakhstan till next week and in a way concentrate our prayers on North Korea.

• We don’t know how many Christians there are in North Korea, it is estimated about 300,000 from a population of 26 million, but they have to keep their faith completely secret even from their family, it is believed between 50,000 to 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in terrible labour camps, which they will never leave. Believers if caught are at great risk of being killed or the labour camps and if discovered their families are imprisoned too, even if they are believers or not. And it is getting worse.

• About 2% of the population of Jordan are Christians, as a lot of these countries it is a strong Islamic country, therefore Christians from Muslim backgrounds face the worst persecutions as leaving Islam is seen as a source of shame to their families and communities. They meet together in underground churches, most other Christians in Jordan are from Orthodox or RC churches, they have greater freedom but still face discrimination.

• Tunisia, is a strongly Islamic society. North of the country is a more moderate form of Islam; however, the South of the country remains conservative. There is a noticeable growing influence of radical Islamic teachings, and militants spread fear throughout the country. The violence against Christians has risen dramatically.

• Please pray for Alison and Ian. Alison has been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and is having an operation on Tuesday. Pray that God may uphold them both, and the whole family, at this difficult time.

• Sara has asked to pray for her friend in Winchester Hospital with COVID-19, she is slowly getting better but still needs our prayers also please pray for her 7-year-old daughter's best friend and her family. Her Father is ill and is not going to get better, she was only told this weekend which is very hard and distressing for them.

• Jacqui and Clare have both mentioned Chris, Naomi and the girls, who for folk who don’t know, have managed to get a flight on Wednesday on compassionate grounds, praise God, they sent an email on Wednesday. Clare has asked we pray that they settle in well when they get back to their home.

• Can we also pray for the speakers who before lockdown came regularly to speak at our services, Matt and his family, David and Andrew Sullivan, David Abernethie, many more, you probably know more than me.

• Please keep in your prayers all our overseas links including our friends in Malawi.

• Reminder to pray for Addy, Esther was saying her operation was meant to have been on Wednesday, but was put off due to an emergency. Prayerfully, she will have had it on the Thursday that just passed, so could we pray for all the family as they go through this.

• Carl has asked us to pray for those at this time who find themselves seeking an opportunity to ignore the advice or score points against the Government during these trying times, if everybody in this country would only work together for each other’s good we would soon get back to normal.

• My eldest daughter a committed Christian, lives just outside Preston, one of her daughters (my granddaughter) is in university in Manchester, I would value prayers for their protection.

• Diana has (God willing) got a phone appointment with her GP on the 19th, so please pray for that.

• We now all have heard the pastor candidates, guess we all have our own favourites, now all the members need to earnestly seek God to what He wants, please. As we should be doing daily please pray for Don (and of course not forgetting Paula).

• Continue to pray for Eileen and Barry, Maria and her family and this known to you in the fellowship who need prayer at this time.

Thank you so much for all your requests.


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