The two persecuted countries we are praying for this week are Uzbekistan and Laos.

• 33.2 million people live in Muslim-majority Uzbekistan only about 345,000 are Christian. Christians from Muslim backgrounds face the brunt of the persecution with extreme pressure from family, friends and communities, who see them as traitors. Many women are effectively not allowed to choose because of societal expectations around submission, they can face house arrest, abduction, divorce or physical abuse.

• Laos, has only about 199,000 believers out of a population of 7.2 million, it is a Buddhist country, but also the threat of persecution comes from the Communist and post-Communist oppression.
Converts to the Christian faith who are at risk from their family and local authorities which can involve damage to property, confiscation of possessions and fines. Women can face the danger of rape and sexual harassment.
Laos has dropped two places on the World Watch List (22). This shows a very small reduction in opposition to Christianity.

• Please pray that God would give His people in these countries strength to endure persecution, grace to love and forgive their persecutors and protect all His children.

• Although Myanmar has gone from the news headlines it is still very bad there if not getting worse. The UK, Canada and USA have imposed new sanctions; pray that democracy would be restored and that the Christians would not be targeted for death or persecution. Today I’ve heard that a church filled with 300 people, mainly women and children, was attacked on the 23rd, killing four with eight wounded including children.

• I have also received an urgent request for prayer for the street children in Nepal, due to the Covid situation which is getting worse by the day. With their very fragile health system in free-fall, no testing available and no beds or oxygen, the children are being used in the cremation sites. Please pray for the street children there.

• Maria asked if we could pray for her family, particularly her Mum and Dad, as there is lots of upset and hurt within the family. Also, for Maria herself, who is not only suffering from long term Covid, but has to look on and see all the hurt going on in the family.

• Please could we keep John in our prayers as he moves forward with Christ that like us all we would look to Jesus for everything.

• There are so many of our Koinonia family who need prayer for healing thinking of Diana who is still has bad arthritic back pain, Eileen, Clare’s cousin Katie, all the specifics and more can be found in the last prayer list (14th May).

• Continue to pray that Diana's flat would sell.

• On our last Prayer List (14th May) we were praying for Anna who had bowel cancer, we thank God that he brought her back to a living faith. Hilary messaged me yesterday (25th) to say, sadly God promoted her to glory yesterday. Hilary has asked if we would pray for her Mum Barbara, who is a believer, also for her husband Gary and children Aaron, Lydia and Faye who do not know Jesus. Please pray for Dawn too who was Anna’s friend and also part of the 80s youth group but not yet trusting on Jesus.

• Also continue to pray for all those we support as a Church in Malawi Syford, Elizabeth, Dennis and Sheila, and all of God’s work out there, praying for the President that in everything he does he would be a good example for Christ. Also, for Isaac and Grace in Ghana.

• Vicki has asked if we would pray for her friend Trevor his dog is having a biopsy next week, he is very concerned.

• Mary just wants us to thank and praise God for all the blessing He gives us day after day, and for all the new people we have welcomed in to our Fellowship in the last few months.

• Let’s pray that the unlocking of lockdown will go ahead as planned so we can sing our praises to God in Church once more.

Thank you,


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